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The Spray Nozzle IPX3 IPX4 is used to perform the tests specified by The IEC 60529 14.2.3 b 14.2.4  (fig 5)

The Montecs Spray Nozzles IPX3 IPX4 meets all the Norme requirements as follows: 


  • The holes distribution design:

1 hole at the centre of the head shower;

1 inner circle  of 12 holes at 30 degrees pitch;

4 inner circles  of 24 holes at 15 degrees pitch;

  • Moving Shield;

  • Flowmeter to read 10LPM attached to the handle;

  • The pressure gauge is attached to the Spray Nozzle body

  • Head shower outer diameter 102mm

Handheld Spray Nozzle IPX3 IPX4

IEC 60529 fig.5

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