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The Montecs High-pressure spray system to perform IPX9 and IPX9K comply with IEC 60529, ISO20653 and DIN 40050-9.  The DIN 40050-9 is required for Degrees of Protection (IP CODE) of road vehicles that verify the protection against water and foreign objects. The IEC60529 article 14.2.9 uses a similar DIN 4005-9 IP rating.

Montecs Dunel IPX9 nozzle design

Both tests are similar in method and the test equipment used. The main differences are described as follow: 

  • IPX9 - protection against high pressure and temperature water jets, as per the IEC 60529.

  • IPX9k - Protection against high pressure or steam jet cleaning, as per the DIN 40050-9

Both test methods IEC or DIN, require a high-pressure water blast heated to 80C (176F). The sample should be positioned in a turntable that rotates at 5RPM, positioning all faces to the jets positioned in 4 positions: 0, 30, 60, 90 degrees. Each fan jet blasts the sample for 30 seconds in sequence. 

Montecs did develop some new features to facilitate the test performance in the samples bigger than 250mm:

  • The turntable rotates at 5RPM

  • The turntable has a levelling in the Z-axis - 350mm.

  • The turntable has a function to turn that sample in 4 steps of 45 degrees.

  • The turntable can be tilt to guarantee that the sample can be tested in a perpendicular position.

  • The equipment is eco-friendly, it comes with a water container for drainage and filtering system that allowed to reuse of the water for up to 10 sequential tests.

IPX9 Main Panel

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  • Inside Dimensions mm (D*W*H):

MTCS3065-1 IPX9: 900*900*900 

MTCS3065-2 IPX9 & IPX9K: 1200*1200*1200 

  • Overall dimensions mm (D*W*H):

MTCS3065-1 IPX9: 1000*1000*1500 

MTCS3065-2 IPX9 & IPX9K: 1300*1300*2000 

  • Water spray temperature: 18 ~ 88℃ (Adjustable)

  • Nozzles position: 0°,30°,60°,90°

  • Jet range: 30° ± 5°   Space 100-150mm

  • Water pressure: 7500-10000 Kpa (adjustable)

  • Water flow rate 14L-16L/min. (adjustable)

  • Speed of Turntable: 5 ± 1% r.p.m

  • Sample turntable/platform Z adjustment: 180-450mm (telescopic)

  • Diameter of turntable/platform: 500 mm 600mm

  • Turntable/platform load capacity: 90Kg (allowed overload 30%)

  • Control Interface: DELTA 5"

  • Nozzles Specification: IEC60529 14.2.9

  • Water recycling: Base collector 50lts with dual filtering system. (eco-friendly)

Other Facts:

Power Supply: 360V Three-phase 50/60HZ or 220V (special request)

Monitoring & controller: Delta PLC

Hardware Certification: UL/CE listed

CE Conformity declaration: Yes


We have strict standards when it comes to our manufacturing process, and never settle for less. We’re constantly innovating and improving to meet the latest needs of our clients, and do whatever it takes to ensure complete satisfaction.

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