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Montecs team is working to deliver a new concept of power supply for test endurance of power cords and its anchorages. The solution complies cord flexing test power load and the flexing mechanism.

This project deals with the energy economy, improving the commercial test apparatus for

flexing test applying knowledge.

Principal Standards Covered by this new solution:

  • IEC 60335-1: Household and similar electrical appliances - Safety - Part 1: general requirements

  • IEC 60601-1: Medical electrical equipment – Part 1-1: General requirements for basic safety and essential performance

  • IEC60950-1: Information technology equipment – Safety – Part 1: General requirements

Flexing Test apparatus


  • Special load with low consumption of energy and very low heat dissipation.

  • Microprocessing system

  • Current adjustable: 2.5, 10 and 16 Ampere (standard default values).

  • Programmable cycle count.

  • Pulse start and stop for movement control

  • Fail to monitor by continuity or short circuit between conductors.

  • When 1 cable fails the system indicates the operation number saved.

  • Angle control of the -90 to 90 deg (maximum range of 180 deg in steps of 1.8 deg).

  • Its possible to program angles, for example, of -90 to 0, -45 to 0, -45 to + 45.....

  • A sensor in the “0” position for center control and cycles counter.

  • The module stops if the cable break or until to reach the programmed value of cycles

  • Programmable counter of cycles: 0 to 999,999 cycles.

  • Angular velocity programmable: 1 to 60 flexing cycle per minute.

Other characteristics

  • Digital speed sensing showed in the display

  • The test current is displayed by digital ammeter.

  • The continuity is indicated by led connected to a current sensor.

The connectors: Formed by 2 pairs of banana plug/socket with the following functions:

  • One pair is the source and the other is the load.

  • One side of the sample is connected to the source terminal and the other is connected to the load.

General Operation

One switch is used to close the circuit “source-load“, If the sample has 1 wire only/or the user wants to test only one conductor of the cable.

Compare the economy of our technology related to a conventional power load bank:

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