Jointed Children’s Finger Probes Set

Jointed Children’s Finger Probes Set


Jointed Children’s Finger Probes Set

The Jointed Children’s Finger Probes set comphreends 2 probes, as per childrens age. The 1st probe simullates from 0 to 36 months children (finger/arm) 5.6mm. The 2nd simulates from 3 to 14 year children (finger/arm) 8.6mm. Is used, required by several diferent standards, to test the protection against access to electrical hazardous live parts or mechanisms, such as gears.



IEC 61032:1998, Figure 12 Test Probe 18; IEC 61032:1998, Figure 13 Test Probe 19; The U.S. Federal Regulations requires it as per the Consumer Products - Tlt.16 Vl. 2 Chpt. 11 Part 1500 



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